Thursday, 10 February 2011

3d Space Creation, continued

Well, I think I've made my choice regarding artist choice. I think I'll base my work on the awesomely surreal artist Zdzislaw Beskinski.

This will be more of an exercise in the replication of atmosphere than specific visual elements. Beksinski uses certain elements in most of his images, but it's not always concrete. Death and morbid features are one common element, but they are not everything - as I believe this example demonstrates.

This image, I feel, shows more of Beksinski's depth as an artist. While it ties into his other works stylistically, it contains none of their elements. Apart from the obviously fantasy-based roots of the picture it contains no skull, graves, crucifixes or any of his other more morbid features - however - it would fit in a set of his other images perfectly. It continues the feeling I get from his works that they are all based in a world.

His images may actually be representing some world that he imagines, I don't know. I have chosen specifically to look at as many examples of his work as possible without knowing his direction while creating to ensure I do not simply create 'his pictures in 3d' but create a 3d space that is inpired by them.

One personal change I feel I must make is replacing Beksinski's religious drive with my own mathematical one. Beksinski may have had his reasons for such dark, church related imagery - but I do not. I am a lifelong athiest, and as such, do not share his feelings regarding the church. From his images I get a sense of betrayal that he may (Or may not, I'm only guessing here) have experienced on behalf of the church. This usually twists into his depictions of war as well, with images featuring a soldier and the crucifix. This may tie his Polish nationality with WWII, but I am guessing again.

What I am sure of is that I do not feel the same way on certain points. I do not believe in religion, but it has never betrayed or punished me. It is simply not my place to say something on the subject. My religion is in mathematics and the stars, something I would like to bring about in my representations - particularly the way science is a god or a devil depending on your own feelings on how it should be used. The CERN large Hadron collider is an example of this to me. Decried before it was even built for how much it would cost and further demonised by false beliefs that it would create a black hole and destroy the world. After running for about 2 years, it has (obviously) failed to destroy any planets - but it's creation led to an important point in the creation of the internet.

This, and my own wierd personal superstitions about numbers (Even numbers are unlucky, odds are fine and prime numbers are lucky. I told you it was wierd.) are some of the main points I would like to use. Tying the irrefutable truth of mathematics with the fallible truths of human perception - the sum can never be wrong, just the person solving it - with the demonising of technology that has been occurring for the last few years. These days, someone who ignores technology and exists without it is usually viewed as 'wise' compared to someone who relies on it. I believe this comes from an inherent fear in the human spirit of relying to heavily on it as a crutch.

Well, that's the idea at least. I'll post images as soon as I stop writing and make some.

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