Thursday, 28 April 2011

Visual storytelling

I'll be finishing off my 3d visualisation soon and I have been looking in a new direction to try and help me create something a bit more impactful. I tend to rely on stories when creating pictures or viewing them, so I feel I should be using that in my own work (Thanks Lynn!)

But what story could be behind what I am creating?

My main focus is on the misuse of science, and the way it can be twisted to fit the purposes of the people controlling it - such as the 'no global warming' argument.
I think a post-apocalyptic look will fit my work best, as it already has that flavour. I already wanted the scene to appear degraded and rotted: with vines and creepers hanging from the long pipe moving to the background (The L.H.C. at CERN)

I think I will try to create a ruined city in the mid ground of the image, as it will show the effect that my nightmarish idea can have on people, considering that is my main intention. I'm not an eco-warrior (The Earth is 576 trillion tonne, 4.5 billion year old ball of iron and rock. It can take whatever we throw at it!) so I think that showing the background too much will contaminate the image with an ideal that I do not follow.

My main inspiration for this? What else: Pripyat, Ukraine! A true example of misused science, and lies fed to people to serve the political gains that science could provide (Apparently, soviet people were told that their power plants used 'friendly atoms' which had no chance of meltdown, leading to some of the lax safety around the V.I. Lenin nuclear power center: Chernobyl)

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