Sunday, 17 October 2010


For my Visual Literacy classes we have been given words to work with. So far I've heard three of the four that I'm to work with, but one has interested me greatly: chaos!

For me this word brings a flood of ideas, from the obvious simple opposite of order to the complete breakdown of rules - or ignoring rules.

The main visual idea I have taken comes from my own personal lack of direction in new places. I have gotten lost in Dundee. A lot. To me cities are confusing places, with some roads signposted, some not (for no reson that I can discern) and as I get later and later for my appointment/lecture/class my thoughts turn ever more chaotic! So I got an image similar to the opening images from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. I think I'll try to continue along this theme :)

Boris Bilinsky, City Art work for Metropolis c.1926-7
©ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2004

 And a rubbish sketch I threw together in 3dsmax :P

Boris Bilinsky worked primarily in collage to create the confusing jumble of buildings in the concept artwork for Metropolis, my thinking is to try and imitate with the buildings I have created.

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