Friday, 16 March 2012

Normal mapping

After an incredible amout of work, I've been able to get my model to convert to a subdivision from a polygon, allowing me to add extra detail in Mudbox. I prefer working in Mudbox to Maya, as with my Wacom monitor/tablet it creates a very natural feeling interface to model with.

The normal mapping process will affect the UV mapping, so the maps will have to be redrawn- it was already my objective to upgrade and reskin the model but now its a necessity. The useful part of this process is that I can take this very high poly model as a normal map within Maya, allowing me to keep the poly count down on my already loooong renders.

I have also been thinkig about the composition of the pictures I wanted to create, and will be working to improve the backgrounds in texturing mostly. Now that I have mental ray rendering working again I can start to use some of the advanced materials within there to make the environments much more interesting.

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