Thursday, 1 March 2012

Not work but work

For another course, where I have been tasked with creating an animation. For practice and for a much smoother output I have decided to use maya to create backgrounds for this hand drawn animation. Even if I simply use these renders to paint over they will be invaluable in keeping continuity between scenes.

The above shot was created quickly using a simple schematic of a Douglas DC-3 found through google images, with reflective textures added. Although the shot is missing several important features, like windows or landing gear, it lets me see the correct placement of shadows and reflections in the aeroplane's surface.

This may not seem entirely useful for my current project of Lucy and The Blunderbus, but it shows how quickly a model can be created and how much of it can rely on the correct texturing of said model. Despite the 2 million odd blades of grass, the reflective textures and the 2 hour (I'm not lying) render the picture is absolutely wrong looking. It's a good thing I'm planning to paint over it

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